The Debate Over The Drinking Age Essay

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There is one topic that has been discussed and argued for over a hundred years.

The topic that has caused so much controversy is the U.S. drinking age. The drinking age

in the U.S. has been changed numerous times since it was put into action.

The U.S. use to not have any drinking age and it was just up to the parent’s

discretion if their child was allowed to drink or not, but after a while people started

getting concerned with the effects alcohol had on people and then the era of prohibition

started. In 1919 Congress ratified the 18th amendment into the Constitution, which then

gave Congress the power to control alcohol and not the state itself. Congress then made it

illegal for anyone in the U.S. to sell or consume alcohol. This was the first time the

government really found out how big drinking was in America. All of the sudden citizens

all over the United States were secretly making alcohol and selling them at “speakeasies”

which were local places that had quick bar set ups for men and woman to drink in.

Speakeases were booming all across America and were extremely easy to rid themselves

of any evidence of alcohol. The bars usually had gutter like wholes that they would throw

all the alcohol down incase a police officer came in. This was a period of time when the

Congress realized that they had bitten off more then they could chew.

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