Essay on The Debate On Nature Versus Nurture

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The debate on whether you are born homosexual or you have been raised in an environment causing you to be homosexual has been one of the oldest ongoing debates in history. The debate is called nature versus nurture. It is very hard to pick a side as to whether or not your environment or your genes make you homosexual. This is a debate that makes it difficult to decide which side you should be on because both sides of the argument have incredibly strong points to help support their beliefs. Many people haven’t even picked a side, they just remain neutral. Many adults that are homosexual claim to have felt that they were different even as a small child. Some say they knew that they were homosexual as young as age three. Men usually say that they felt more comfortable around girls when they were younger versus guys. Women say the opposite as men do. The young boys would talk about things such as sports, wrestling, or cars while the young girls would talk about playing house and barbies. Children who felt that they were homosexual would generally feel more themselves around the opposite sex. As a child, that can be very strange feeling things that are completely different from other children. It is hard enough as it is to be a child or a pre teenager, but adding the fact that you’re very different from other children can make things incredibly worse. That is where bullying could possibly come into play. Some children think that it is just a phase and that they will get over…

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