The Debate On Morality And Morality Essay example

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Every human being, old enough to understand what is right or wrong, have their own sense of morality. In order to keep their morality, there are times where certain things, such as the truth or other people, have to be sacrificed. As a result of those sacrifices, there are times in life where we have to make decisions that make us question our own morality. For example, questions like “is it okay to mislead people for the greater good?” and “is saving five people and killing one better than saving one man and killing five people?” make people question their own sense of morality. In other words, both questions are asking the age old question “do the needs of the many overcome the need of the one?” Due to different people with different opinions, any choice can be correct; however, it is wrong to believe that the need of the one overcomes the need of the many.
There are many examples where it has wrong to believe that the need of the one overcomes the need of the many; for instance, the filmmakers of the Atomic Café prove that. In their “found” documentary, the filmmakers use US government footage to show that the government misled the American public in believing that nuclear warfare is not as bad as it sounds nor seems. Throughout the movie, the director shows what the government that people could defend themselves if they covered themselves with something or if they hid under desks. The government promised that if the public followed what they said than they would not get…

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