The Debate On Medical Law And Ethics Essay

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For my topic on Medical law and ethics I chose Cloning. I feel this topic is interesting due to the years it has been around, and the controversy behind it. People have mixed emotions, and beliefs regarding this topic. Some people feel cloning should be permitted for scientific purposes, while other people believe scientists are playing God when they are cloning both humans and animals. What is cloning? Cloning is the process of creating a copied material or an identical copy of an original. Cloning is divided into 3 categories Gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Cloning was first introduced in 1952, by two scientists Robert Briggs and Thomas King, who developed a tadpole by somatic cell nuclear transfer. They had achieved a fertilization of a frog egg by implanting an embryonic frog cell into an egg where the DNA nucleus had been removed. Years after, the most successful experiment was the birth of the first cloned mammal. On July, 5th 1996, Dolly the sheep was born in Scotland at the Institute of Roslin. It took 276 attempts to create Dolly. The successful cloning of the first mammal was done by using mature (somatic) cells taken from an adult animal. Short after scientists all over the world were successfully cloning other mammals which included cattle, pigs, goats, rabbits, kittens, mules and horses. All of these are examples of reproductive cloning.
REPRODUCTIVE CLONING Reproductive cloning is when a mature somatic cell is removed for a…

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