Argumentative Essay: The Cloning Controversy

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Before I tell you my viewpoint you should get to understand the other side’s claim on the debate on Cloning. They say that it could be used to save lives and help those who cannot reproduce naturally. The possibilities of new advancements are endless. According to the scientists who helped provide information to the article “The Cloning Controversy” “Others said its benefits could range from duplicating embryos for in vitro fertilization to replacing a dying child.” This would help many parents who suffer loss or cannot reproduce effectively naturally have another chance to bring a new life into the world. Women only create so many eggs, the eggs they start with are the only ones they have, and it takes many eggs to have one successful birth …show more content…
Most of us will readily agree that it should be allowed and could prove to be useful. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of will it actually work, and be useful. Were as some are convinced that it will work, others maintain that it won’t. It takes away our own unique sense of individuality. I stand on the line of it won’t work and even if it does it shouldn’t be allowed. It’s basically stealing one 's identity. Most importantly, it defies nature preventing the genetic differences that occur within a species to take place allowing it to survive. In many cases like the one from the article “The Cloning Controversy” “Opponents called for a ban on human cloning research, arguing that cloning offers few benefits to science while requiring unacceptable risks and undermining our very concept of humanness.” Readers can clearly take away that our humanness comes from our natural births and our individuality. Who are we to take away that right to our uniqueness? We are also taking away our own natural ability to provide a better chance of survival by the genetic differences provided by sexual reproduction. Many arguments have been made in the past on why cloning is ethical, but in retrospect they are wrong. In this case the pro’s do not outweigh the con’s. Arguments have been made stating that cloning could save lives, but it would jeopardize many more than it would save the scientists from the article “The Cloning Debate. Should All Forms Of Human Cloning Be Banned?” State “Many experts say reproductive cloning is grossly unethical because it jeopardizes the health of would-be child clones. They note that efforts to clone sheep, pigs, goats and other animals yield few live births, and that many live-born mammal clones die within weeks or months because of abnormalities.” If humans were to reproduce through cloning we would have very little success and the children would not live for very long. Why

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