Essay about The Debate On Gun Control

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The debate on gun control has been going on for a quite some time now in america. Some people believe that we should have gun control, while others believe that we should stop gun violence with more guns that can cause unnecessary violence. Although many people feel that guns should be allowed with us for safety, more guns out there can lead to more crimes involving guns ending up in wrong hands. There have been many incidents and shootings that have rekindled the gun control argument. An example of an incident is that on Feb. 29, 2016 in Madison, Ohio a high school student injured two other students with a .380 caliber handgun. There have been many recent incidents causing arguments from both sides; some say we should have guns to protect ourselves from the people who have guns, and some say we shouldn’t give the people guns in the first place. Gun control is an ample word that covers the limitation on how guns can be sold, and who they are purchased by. Right now in America certain people are restricted from buying guns, such as people with criminal backgrounds and people with mental illness It is also the law for licensed gun dealers to have a background check. However, people find loopholes to get out of these background checks such as buying guns at a gun show where background checks are not required. In America there are 30,000 men, women, and children killed by guns in the United States, according to Dana Bitto in the Pro/Con: Gun Legislation. Dana Bitto, student…

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