The Debate Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Many progressive movements in the 21st century call for the legalization of marijuana, citing studies that claim a lack of significant harmful effects. Simultaneously, many conservative groups act adamantly to prevent such legalization, or even reclassification of the drug into a lower risk category. It is not even agreed upon that the government needs to limit what abuses we subject our own bodies to at all. Libertarians would argue that the government need not be involved with what people do with their own bodies. Yet modern society still places limits on which drugs individuals can consume, however not uniformly, and certainly not fairly. Tobacco and alcohol are two examples of addictive substances which are legal in society. Yet in comparison with drugs currently classified as illegal in the United States, such as marijuana, they are more harmful. Hence it seems factors further than the medical effects are taken into account while classifying these substances.
The tradition of consuming tobacco has been present for centuries, far before the concept of scientifically researching negative medical effects was contemplated. Originally used by Native Americans, mainly for religious purposes and not for daily smoking, it became popular with the Europeans upon discovery of the new world. Fast forwarding 300 years, the invention of the cigarette fueled the creation of several mainstream brands in the early 1900s. Major uptake of smoking was facilitated by the World Wars, in…

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