Cigarette Advertising Analysis

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“Cynical Soothsayers of Mammon, Cigarette Manufacturers and Their Ads” When cigarettes first began to be smoked in the 1860’s, no-one knew of the harmful effects that the constant daily smoking of them causes; that it is harmful to all and fatal to some. The earliest cigarette ads reveal this blissful ignorance in their simplicity and claims. In fact, the first large-scale cigarette ads concentrated largely on ease of use, flavor, and smoothness and even healthiness of use (Proctor 87). However, by the 1940’s smoking cigarettes had been linked to cancer and cigarette manufacturers decided upon a cynical strategy in order to continue to sell their deadly wares (Proctor 87). They determined that they would ignore and downplay the known deadly …show more content…
Then as that appeal and those claims were coming under scrutiny as false advertising, they changed tactics by steering away from ethos and logos which can be challenged empirically and switched to the emotional appeals of pathos. By the 1960’s the ads resulting from that shift, began to focus on active adults, particularly young women, with many of them depicting women and their partner alone, having just concluded some sort of physical activity. (King 67) The fact that smoking is a physical act induces manufacturers to depict smokers in any number of pleasant physical circumstances, which in turn can be employed to trigger a range of emotional responses, usually centered on sensual feelings, feelings of wellbeing, and of individual choice reinforcing the emotional draw of appeals to …show more content…
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