The Debate Between Nature And Nurture Essay

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Nature is the genetic inheritance and biological influences, while nurture is the external factors, such as environment and life experiences. The nature-nurture debate concerned with the extent to which aspects of behavior are a product human, whether nature (i.e. genetic influence) or nurture (i.e., acquired learning or environmental factors). The debate allows psychologists to study various aspects of human development which include intelligence, personality, and mental illness. However, different field of psychology often takes one side of the approach. For example, biological psychology tends to flavor the nature factors since they are studying about genetics and the on influences. On the other hands, behaviorism would prefer to focus on the environmental impact on behavior.
The debate between nature and nurture stretches back to the earliest days of Western philosophy. Plato, a famous philosopher, suggested that knowledge was inborn in humans that occur naturally without the influence of the external factors. Plato’s and another philosopher, like Descartes, are positioned on the nature side of the debate (Zaky, 2015). Meanwhile, Aristotle opposed this idea; he believes that real knowledge came from one’s experiences with observations of the physical world. This debate continued throughout the history of Western civilization. After many centuries, John Locke and Kant carried on this discussion. John Locke popularized the concept of the human mind as a…

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