Essay on The Debate Between Journalism And Journalism

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Journalism today has changed in many ways. The invention of the Internet has opened up more opportunities for writers to write about issues that are important to them. They can now reach a wider audience and share their ideas with many more people. Articles are now available as print media, online articles, documentaries and news broadcasts. The advent of social media has now given ordinary people the opportunity to not only listen to the news and learn but to contribute their own opinions. Stories that go viral on social media are now being shown on mainstream news channels and websites. There are now more avenues to a career in journalism than just traditional education. A debate between the real life journalism practices and journalism education called The Education-Practice Gap has been going on for decades. Educators and journalism professionals have been debating between what is needed in modern-day journalism careers and what is being taught by educators. It is possible that the skills that educators are providing to journalists are no longer sufficient for the ever-changing field. Dr. Ying Roselyn and Ryan Thornburg in the essay The Gap between Online Journalism Education and Practice: The Twin Surveys state that, “The rapid development of new media has brought more profound changes to the field of journalism and mass communication (JMC) than ever before. To study the impact of technological change on journalism education, Voakes et al. telephone-interviewed…

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