The Debate Between Bloggers And Journalists Essay

758 Words Sep 8th, 2015 4 Pages
In the debate between bloggers and journalists, there have been many people who advocate for the term “citizen journalists” to be used when referring to bloggers. In a sense, that sounds reasonable since bloggers now hold a solid influence over the attention that certain events or issues gets. In his article, Deckers argues that bloggers are very similar to traditional journalists and therefore, should have the same rights and protection. There should be, however, a distinction between bloggers and journalists. Although both bloggers and journalists should be enjoy the rights described in the Reporter Shield Laws, journalists and bloggers have different expectations from readers and write for different reasons. While I agree that it is unfair for bloggers to not be protected by the Reader Shield Laws, the idea that bloggers should be considered “citizen journalists” somewhat undermines the amount of training and work that journalists put into their careers. Deckers, in his article, uses the fact that there are journalists who do not know how to spell and also some that are guilty of cheating or plagiarizing to argue for the bloggers (Deckers). Readers, however, have different expectations of the journalists than of the bloggers. Anyone can become a blogger and write about current events, issues, or even their opinions as long as they have a website to post their work. Journalists, on the other hand, have to be hired and must meet a certain level of skill to be able to write…

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