The Debate At Allgood Hall Essay

1443 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
I decided to focus my reaction paper on the debate watched in Allgood Hall because it was a chance for young scholars to get together and discuss future social issues. Me and my peers all came together to watch the final election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, and I must say it was interesting. When we first walked in the room we were asked different questions about the debate to spark up conversation. It was times where we agreed and disagreed but all in all it was an interesting night. I had never seen people my age get involved in politics because usually we consider it as “boring” and we feel like it doesn’t affect us. These student’s reactions, and opinions showed how interested they were in this debate. I remember when Obama ran for president and my teacher had to force us to watch the debate. This event was open to the public and it was a descent number of students to show up. I thought that Obama running for president was a big historical moment but this debate was as well. This is the first time that I have seen people go out and faithfully vote, voice their opinions, and come together as a whole. One guy in there named Jordon said,” Yea, the 2008 debate was interesting but this takes the cake because in my eyes this is a joke that’s not funny”. He went into detail explaining how he couldn’t take Trump seriously and how he was just running for publicity. Majority of the students felt as though Hilary Clinton did a better job with expressing what she…

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