The Death Penalty Should Still Be Effect Essays

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For many years, people have questioned whether or not the death penalty should still be in effect. There have been many issues trying to decide if it is immoral or not. According to recent studies, 63 percent of people are in favor of this unfair punishment. This in an incredibly large amount if you look at all the actions previously taken to abolish the death penalty. Many people I have talked to about this penalty say they’re not for it because “it’s wrong to take a life,” or, “they shouldn’t get out of it so easy. They need to suffer like the victim’s family is hurting.” The most common response among the ones that say it isn’t issued enough is the infamous “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Yes, the felon gets what he or she deserves, but no one should have the power to give someone permission to end a life. You can find proof of this in the history, statistics, and the thought of immorality of the current situation. The death penalty has been around for many years. In 18th century BC, the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon was rumored to have inflicted the death penalty 25 different times. The strange thing is, none of the crimes committed were murder. The first occurrence of this law was in 16th century BC Egypt. The person being persecuted was said to be practicing magic, and was told to take his own life. There were many more regions that enforced the death penalty over the years, usually for small crimes such as insulting songs, cutting crops, or causing a…

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