Essay on The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Murderers, thieves, and criminals all could receive the Death Penalty regarding on how bad the victims’ case was or what state and country the crime was committed in. It does not matter the age or the type of murder, if someone has so much evil in their heart that it leads them to kill someone then it will most likely happen again. For example, Charles Manson killed up to thirty five people and was always released from prison because of lack of evidence. On January of 1971 he was convicted of first degree murder. Manson was suppose to receive the death penalty, but this was automatically commuted to life in prison because California’s Supreme Court invalidated the Death Penalty. In 2012, Manson was denied parole for the twelfth time. Manson was released from prison many times and continued killing innocent people. The Death Penalty should remain in each state where people like Charles Manson does not keep getting away with killing innocent people. Some people believe that the Death Penalty should not exist. Some people’s outlook over the death penalty is that it is too expensive. The Death Penalty cost taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population. Those that do not think that the Death Penalty should exist think that Americans must choose life without parole. Another issue that the people who do not believe in the death Penalty have is that sometimes innocent people are put to this death. “Many people are sentenced to death for crimes they did not…

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