The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay

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Murder is Murder, No Matter What

Capital punishment. Execution. Legalized murder. These are all names for the same thing: the death penalty. The death penalty is the worst punishment that the government can give you. Crimes punishable by the death penalty include federal murder, treason, terrorism, and some military laws. A jury made up of 12 people decide whether the death penalty should be applied. A person is then killed by lethal injection, although electrocution, hanging, and gas chambers have been used. Doesn’t that sound absolutely horrid? I believe that the death penalty is wrong because of many reasons. The death penalty should be become illegal because of the possible innocence of people, it’s not used anymore, and of all the inhumane reasons.
The first reason that the death penalty should be banned is because of how many people could be innocent. No one is certain of how many people executed by the death penalty were actually innocent. According to the webpage Death Penalty Information Center: Executed But Possibly Innocent, there are at least thirteen cases in the past 40 years that evidence has shown up that the person who was killed was actually innocent. A lot of the people on death row can’t afford an attorney, so a public defender has been appointed to them. Once the case is over, public defenders move on to the next client. Even if there was insignificant evidence that the person was guilty, the public defender just moves on (DPIC 1). To make this point…

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