Essay about The Death Penalty Of The United States

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What do bullets, needles, electricity, rope and gas all have in common? Well, they are the primary ways of execution in the United States (Shell). Punishment by death or more commonly known as the death penalty, has been in existence since the 18 century B.C, in which King Hammurabi of Babylon enforced death by many barbaric ways such as a beating to death to burning the person alive (Reggio). Such principles established the famous law of retaliation and it soon began to used all over the world. Being influenced into America during the early 1600s, by which the first established colony of Jamestown witnessed its first recorded execution and thus continued to use it throughout history. Consequently, the death punishment was used in every state but in the 1800s and 1900s, some states started to abolish it for many reasons such as considering it unnecessarily to execute prisoners. Today, 31 states still have legal death as an option as opposed to 19 states with bans (CNN). Americans should be against death penalty because it is barbaric to kill a human just to demonstrate the power of the law and showing how “an eye for an eye” concept still exists in our society, it is less expensive to have a person in prison all their life than to execute them, the person must live with the guilt and live the rest of his life incarcerated, excluded from the world as opposed to taking the easy way out and not truly paying for their actions, and lastly, there are many mistakes in the justice…

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