The Death Penalty - Keeping Death Essays

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Keeping Death
In 2003, a woman, Anne Rossi, whose husband, Barry Rossi, his business partner Robert Stears, and employee Lorne Stevens were brutally murdered. In 2007, a testimony was made by Anne Rossi to revise a new bill regarding the death penalty. She describes the horrific event, “All three of them were asked to lie on the dirty garage floor where they worked, they were asked to put their hands over their heads before they were all shot multiple times. All of them killed in a premeditated execution spurred by a murder-for-hire plot” (Evans). Anne Rossi’s plea, while heartbreaking, is not applicable to the majority of the American people. Most people also have not been in Anne’s position, and they haven’t experienced her grief and pain. As the society grows and matures over time, people’s morals begin to change. Many have started to question the saying, “an eye for an eye” and its validity in capital punishment. The death penalty has become a very prominent and controversial topic, debated all over the country. Even though it may seem inhumane, the death penalty should remain intact because it ensures justice for the American people and the victim’s family.
While murder is gruesome to the majority of the public, some think it is not; however capital punishment is proven to discourage people from becoming murderers. In an article by Jay Johansen, he states, “Consistently when the number of executions goes down, the homicide rate goes up, and when the number of executions…

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