Essay on The Death Penalty Is Not Prove It Will Stop Future Murders

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The society has always used punishment to scare future criminals from illegal actions.
Most people in society want to stop murders, so they use the worst punishment possible to scare murderers, and that is the death penalty. If murderers are sentenced to death and executed, future murderers will think before killing because they wouldn 't want to lose their own life, right?
The death penalty does not prove it will stop future murders. Years of deterrence studies show that the death penalty is no more of a deterrent than a sentence of life in prison. Some criminologists, say that the death penalty actually has the opposite effect. Society is scared by the death penalty, and this increases the likelihood of more murder. Even most supporters of the death penalty now are leaning more towards stopping the use of the death penalty ("The case against the death penalty"). States in the United States that do not have the death penalty usually have lower murder rates than states that do. The U.S., with the death penalty, has a higher murder rate than Europe or Canada, which dont use the death penalty. The death penalty is not a deterrent because most people who commit murders either do not expect to be caught or do not think about the differences between an execution and life in prison before they do it. Murders are usually committed when someone is angry, or by criminals who are abusing drugs and act out of control.
Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox has said,…

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