Essay on The Death Penalty Is Justified

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The death penalty has been given to criminals who have done the most horrendous crimes in order to show a message that murderers will be punished to the full extent. However, this thinking is flawed and murder cannot be discouraged with more murder. Although the death penalty is supposed to deter crime, studies have revealed its opposite and unexpected effect. Several factors skew the justice system, in which minorities have a higher chance of receiving the death penalty. The death penalty is largely ineffective because it puts minorities at a disadvantage, fails to deter crime, and is expensive. The minorities are at a major disadvantage when it comes to the death penalty since they are more likely to be executed than whites. Mark Costanzo, author of Just Revenge: Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty, states that, “Since the death penalty was restored in 1976, only six white people have been executed for murdering a black person, while 112 black people have been executed for murdering whites” (Costanzo). This highlights a fundamental flaw in the system, as a crime should be viewed factually without bias. The justice system views African Americans less favorably than whites, which is why more African Americans have been executed for the same crime. To make matters worse, innocents may be committed for a nonexistent crime, which makes the situation even worse for minorities. In fact, John Whitehead, an attorney and president of Rutherford Institute, "In a Columbia…

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