The Death Penalty Is It Acceptable Or Not? Essay

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The death penalty, is it acceptable or is it not? This question has been around for many years and will continue to be around. There are different views when it comes to the death penalty. The views include, those in favor of the death penalty and those who are not in favor of the death penalty. Also, there are certain areas in the United States that allow the death penalty and those who do not. Texas is the most popular state that uses capital punishment. Thirty of the fifty states in the United States are still in favor of the death penalty. The death penalty is a very severe punishment, many people are in favor and others are not in favor.
James Rhodes is the man who walked into the cell phone store and murdered Shelby
Farah. He admitted to being high when he shot and killed Farah, who was only 20 years old.
Rhodes had pleaded guilty, but instead Florida went the path of the death penalty. Bazelon
(2016) says, “Twenty states and the district of Columbia have abolished capital punishment”
(para. 5). In the United States, the thirty remaining states still have the death penalty. In the case of Rhodes, Florida is one of the thirty remaining states. The author of this article, Bazelon, followed this case for awhile. She does not believe the death penalty should be around. This case still has not resulted in the death penalty or not. The mother and the brother of Farah are divided.
The brother is for the death penalty, while the mother is undecided. Bazelon uses this story to…

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