The Death Penalty Is A Violation Of One 's Constitutional Rights

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The death penalty today is perceived by many as an inhumane way of receiving punishment. A critic will not only argue the simple fact that the death penalty is a violation of one’s constitutional rights and only targeted for a particular social group, but also intended to affect innocent people. The death penalty doesn’t have to be the way it’s perceived to be today, for if it is dealt with accordingly, the benefits will outweigh the negative and would help the United States in the foreseeing future. That being said, instead of worrying about the damage the death penalty may cause, one should take into consideration the reasoning behind maintaining and implementing new procedures that would further enforce the penalty nationwide. Convicts will make smarter decisions if society leads them to the right direction. When it comes to changing the minds of those who are subject to criminal activity in a daily basis is a difficult process. One must take into consideration how the mind acts in every inmate that’s behind the prison cells. There’s no doubt that inmates are willing to change their lives if they are given a chance to do so. That process, however, however, is not accessible overnight. In other words, the notion of preventing habitual criminals from committing crimes all comes from having the punishment drilled into their head. If the habitual criminal is exposed by capital punishments in a day to day basis, they will consider committing more crimes. As criminals…

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