The Death Penalty Is A Controversial Issue Essay

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Capital punishment is a very controversial issue where can be found with long standing application in countries such as the united states Hugo A. Bedau expresses his opinion that the death penalty is the form of human brutality and stupidity that goes against human dignity. Claiming that the death penalty is ineffective way to deter future offenses. Bedau also argues that the government uses death penalty in hopes of bringing fear to individuals and by displaying superior power that their fate lies in their hands.

Deterrence is an act that influences people to not do something, creating fear and thus reducing crimes. Many of us are convinced when a particular punishment receives severe consequences that it will deter behavior from reacquiring. Bedau believes “ whatever may be true about deterrence of lesser crimes by other penalties, the deterrence achieved by the death penalty for murder is not measurably any greater than the deterrence achieved by long-term imprisonment.” I must disagree that long-term imprisonment will not deter criminals it was stated that “nearly 4,000 executed were the worst of the bad, repeated offenders incapable of safe incarceration,much less of rehabilitation, the most dangerous murderers in captivity the ones who had killed more than once and were likely to kill again.” It’s true that the death penalty cannot deter further crimes of the executed offend ant but it can prevent a person from committing them again. Hence, we have lifeguards at…

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