Essay about The Death Of The United States

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On May 29th, 1870 Hamilton Howard was born in Washington D.C. Before the age of twelve, Howard changed his name to Albert Fish, but he has many alias ' such as, Gray Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, Brooklyn Vampire, Moon Maniac, Boogey Man, and Albert Fish. At the age of twelve Fish started killing people, and he quickly became a famous serial killer in the United States. He is an American Sado-masochistic serial killer and a cannibal. Fish was a father of 6 their names are Anna Fish, Gertrude Fish, Albert Fish, Eugene Fish, John Fish, and Henry Fish. Fish is sex pervert, and he does many things to his victims including Cannibalism, Coprophilia, Urophilia, Pedophilia and Masochism. Three to ten victims were stabbed and strangled by Albert Fish. The killings took place in the years of 1924-1934.

Fish said he was named after Hamilton Fish, a distant relative, and his father was 43 years older than his mother. Fish was the youngest child of three living siblings: Walter, Annie, and Edwin Fish. Fish wished to be called "Albert" after one of his dead siblings. Many members of Fish’s family suffered from mental illness, and one suffered from religious mania. Fish’s father was a river boat captain; although, in 1870 he was a fertilizer manufacturer. His mother put him into an orphanage, and he was frequently whipped and beaten there, and because of that he discovered that he enjoyed physical pain. The beatings would often give him bruises and bad marks, so those gave people reasons…

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