The Death Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Death is a very big topic in Great Expectations considering almost all of Pip 's relatives have died in his life. However, I am only going to be focusing on one death in this paper and that is Mrs. Joe Gargary. Mrs. Gargary or better known as Mrs. Joe is the wife of Joe, and the much older sister of Pip. She goes by Mrs. Joe in this book because she in a way takes on the manly role causing a gender reversal, so by going by that symbolizes her taking on the manlier role. She also raised Pip as his sister but took on the mother role by hand. She was mean, unapproachable, hard, resentful, short tempered, and prickly. Also, she is all about corporal punishment, keeping a very clean household, and even has a special tool to menace people with called the Tickler. However, after an accident occurred involving Mrs. Joe. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Joe became a completely different person. She was more fragile, had fewer tempers, and ultimately was less angry. Then, tragedy struck when Pip received news that Mrs. Joe had passed away. She had suffered severe injuries from being hit in the head by Orlick 's hammer, which left her unable to speak, making her unable to ramble on and have a bad temper. Ultimately, she ended up dying from the injuries suffered, while Pip was in London.
All of the Deaths in Great Expectations had effects on the characters, but Mrs. Joe 's death, in particular, had great effects on a lot of the characters, especially Pip and Joe. Pip has been…

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