The Death Of The Ghetto Essay

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July 22, 1942 is the date. Exactly one year and one month ago today, I, Abby Sheridan, along with my family and the rest of the Jews, was forced to move to this place the Germans call a “ghetto.” Sometimes life in the ghetto can be pretty decent when we get an extra slice of bread or if my friends and family are in good spirits. However, these days are few and far apart. Every day it seems more hope has been lost. I think the only thing that keeps us going is our faith, and it is against the Germans’ rules to pray in public, so we must be careful about when we practice our religion. If you get caught breaking the rules of the Nazis, the punishment is death. There is a lot of death around the ghetto. Starvation, labor, and failure to obey the Nazis are all common causes of death. Despite this, I try my best to stay as positive as one can be while living in conditions like these. While my father, Greg, and my mother, Diane, are at work during the days, my little sister, Jackie, and I try our best to stay occupied to keep our minds off of food. We make up small games to play and sometimes our friends are able to come over to our apartment and help us clean or play along with us. Even with these distractions, food always seems to be on my mind and I can’t do anything to help it. Today is special though, because very early in the morning, my mom, sister, and I are all unexpectedly awoken by my dad and he informs us that today is the day, the day that we will escape the…

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