The Death Of The Funeral Business Analysis

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The article The Death of the Funeral Business written by Sandy Hingston is all about the funeral business hence the title. It is much more than about the funeral business it talks about how they are adapting to the new way of society. Within the article there are a lot of purposes that come to mind like our culture, religion, economics, technology, and family. The big ones that I believe are what the article is all about is culture, technology, and family.
The first one that I believe that is a big part of the article is culture. This is because if you live in a different country you may have your loved ones buried a different way. You may also mourn the loss of that loved one a different way. In the United States more and more people are
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With all the new technology that is coming out the funeral business must keep up with it. Many of its customers are older people so they haven’t really kept up on that. What I mean by that is they don’t want their photos all over the internet or put into a slide show that people can watch they want a collage of their photos on a board that people can physically see. Other ways the funeral business must keep up with technology is by somehow allowing people to watch a wake happening live while they are somewhere else. This merely be because that person can’t afford a ticket to come out or it’s because that person is on business trip and just physically can’t make it. The simple thing that they have been doing is making the person in the casket seem at peace and have color on its face. Even with something as simple as that they keep up with the new techniques and new materials to use. Another way is the embalming way they got to keep up on new techniques and new equipment that make the process go faster so they can get more done in a day. The way that the embalming process came to life is from ancient Egypt and the way they would embalm their loved ones that have passed on. That is how we got the techniques we use to embalm our loved ones from them. Other ways are by using new websites that allow you to upload photos of your loved ones that have passed away so that people …show more content…
This is because after a loved one passes on the family must set up the funeral, wake, or cremation. Now a day’s people are going to say if they want to be cremated or buried like in the article the writer says that her and siblings and husband plan on being cremated. After a loved one passes away they may have told a family member what they want them to do with them whether they want to be cremated or buried. When they tell someone what they want to happen to them the family is going to make sure that it happens. It is a sign of respect and a final gift for that person and it just makes people feel good that they were able to make it happen for the loved one as their final request. Some people today are already planning their funeral just like in the article when they talk about how Oprah is already planning her funeral when she passes away. How the family decides to put to rest their loved is somewhat on what the loved one wants but at times it be based on religion. With different religions they may have different ways of burying their loved ones and mourning the loss of them. In today’s world more and more people are becoming atheist which means that a person doesn’t believe in a god. Each year this number keeps rising because in the article it talks about in one year from 2012-2013 this number jumped 13 percent. With a family believing in a different god and a different religion it is up to the funeral

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