The Death Of The Devil Essay

1100 Words Jan 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Our lives used to be so simple, so utterly peaceful…until the day we started believing in nonsense that has torn our once harmonious town of Christianly people into hunters. Hunters of the people, people who you call your neighbors, because of the hear-say claim that some of us side with the devil. These are irrefutable claims imposed upon numerous innocent townspeople. This is a lot of power in the hands of young women who have been taught right from wrong. Right; tell the truth no matter the consequences nor the shame you may bring upon yourself. Wrong; allow lies to flow across your lips, those same lips that sing your favorite biblical song do. Yes, one of these paths gets these girls out of trouble socially or in a law abiding way but it doesn’t allow these ladies to escape the wrecking ball of sins that are to follow when convicting one of witchcraft. With more than two handfuls of those convicted and hung..two handfuls, there has been enough bloodshed spread amongst these town lines. Innocent blood of those young and old alike. How can we as a town possibly look at ourselves and believe that this is the justice God would have wanted for us? Where is the forgiveness that Reverend Parris preached on Sunday mornings from the Bible-the words of God? Even Hale has exercised his belief that hanging John Proctor would establish himself as a murderer. A renown believer of the accusation of witchcraft, towards the people of our town has made a claim against his otherwise…

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