The Death Of The Body And Soul Essay

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Philosophy Midterm Paper
In this paper, I will argue that a person exists where their body is and when that body dies, the soul dies with it. The soul is the embodiment as to who you are. Where is this soul though? Is the soul in the body, mind, or both? This paper contains information regarding how a person is represented in their own body and poses hypothetical scenarios that deals with the separation of the mind and body. Following this, the concerns regarding the death of the body and soul is address. While I do not have all the answers on these matters, I will provide my views and arguments in hopes of presenting a different perspective.
In Daniel Dennett’s writing, Where Am I?, he proposes a dilemma; if his brain was separated from his body, but he could still communicate with his body, where is Dennett? Is Dennett the brain in the vat or is he the body moving around miles away? I believe that a person as a whole exists because of the body they have. If the separation of the mind and body was possible, I would be associated with the location of my body, not my brain. Everything I perceive will remain unchanged and I believe that I would act no differently with the exception of my head being a little lighter. Take for example, if my body encountered someone at the park, I would simply say we met at the park. People do not know what my brain looks like, I do not know what my brain looks like, so one would not be able to even associate an encounter to an indescribable…

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