Essay on The Death Of The Bible

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Introduction One of the essential messages of the Bible is that God can truly use anyone He chooses to glorify his kingdom. Whether one was a prostitute, a murderer, drunk, worshiper of different idols, or even someone who is just self-righteous, they can be picked up from the darkness that sin has captivated humanity in and use it for the summum bonum (greatest good). Because of sin, the world was shrouded in the darkness until Christ came along and provided a way back to fellowship with God, it was through His blood that this was possible. Because of that sacrifice God said all sins that were committed by one was washed away when the person in question realized they were a sinner and needed to be saved and had a heart convicting change. Because of this, those who were led astray from the Gospel by cause of the world can know that there is a way to be redeemed and that the chasm is no longer far too wide. Due to that there can be an adoption into the kingdom of God as long as there is repentance and acceptance. There is particularly one apostle however, who has perhaps one of the greatest redemption stories to ever be told in the Bible. That apostle is Saul who is also commonly known as Paul; who wrote a good portion of the New Testament that is available to the world today and provides others with the chance to see what a driving desiring to seek God can affect the world. Paul however, did not always have a passion to spread the Gospel to different nations he, like most…

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