Essay about The Death Of My Family

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hen I traced back on the Ofelt side, as you already know the side originated in Sweden. Nels Ofelt was the actual person who emigrated from Sweden to Minnesota. As for the Strenke on my dad’s side (Charles Ofelt), I traced back to Prussia. Prussia was a nation of modern day Poland, East Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia. The Marlow side came from England in the 1700’s. The Strenke side on my mother’s side (Brenda Ofelt) originated from Germany. Turns out my family were incorrect with our ancestry. My ancestors did not originate from what we previously thought. A common misconception with me is that I have four siblings. Unfortunately, for my parents, three of them are dead. Two died about three days apart and the other was premature birth and died soon after. The deaths of my siblings does not affect me since I never met them and never got on a personal basis so therefore I am not saddened nor am I for any deaths. My family usually has great stories of the ‘old days’ whether it be pranks or war stories; they are usually stuff you would never get away with nowadays. I will start with my dad when he was in school. When he was in middle school and high school, most farm kids carried jack knives with them every day. The knives were not for fighting or defense. They were to play the game of chicken. What you would do is stand in front of your counterpart and spread your feet, you would then throw the knife between their legs (they threw…

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