Essay on The Death Of Luke 's Death

1199 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
I wiped the tears away quickly as I made my way into the school. I knew I looked a mess with my eyes swollen, hair in a frizzy mess, and wearing a pair of old sweat pants and hoodie, but I couldn’t bring myself to even care about my appearance today.
Today marked the one year anniversary of Luke’s death and as much as I liked to believe I was over it, I still missed him and it still hurt a bit to think about him. A lot has happened since then I off the rails for a while, had a break down, went to Paris, and even had the chance to meet somebody wonderful. Even though I was happy with Jack, I couldn’t stop myself from grieving today.
I loved Luke. He was my first everything, and on days like today it’s hard to believe he’s gone forever. Normally, I tried hard to forget about him, but today I just couldn’t do that. With my mind so focused on Luke, I didn’t even realize I reached my locker, or that I was crying again, till I heard Jack speak to me.
“Hey Maddie” he said cheerfully before taking in my appearance. “Woah, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing” I said.
Jack knows nothing about Luke. He knows I did have a boyfriend before but that was it. I was never able to get myself to tell him about that experience. I know he deserves to know, I honestly do but I worked so hard to try and forget about that part of my life that I just couldn’t. Every time I even thought about him, I wanted to just break down. Honestly, if I hadn’t of looked at the calendar in the kitchen this morning and…

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