Essay on The Death Of Kanye West

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Every generation in music has seen an artist rise above their comfort zone and stand for something that tends to the greater good of humanity. The artist becomes a voice for those who cannot speak as loud. In the 1990s, it was Tupac Shakur rapping about the struggles of growing up as a poor black kid, which was also my case at one point- single mom, no money, and African American. In the 2000s, the thoughts of Kanye West really pushed their way to people’s minds focusing on topics like government, politics, and equality. What made these artists stand out to me was their bravery and their courage in speaking from their heart about things they believed in, whether it was a popular opinion or not. They did not care about what everyone else had to say and not everybody is built for expression like that. An artist receives their status and praises from being just that, an artist. So, it’s only right that their best way to communicate to most people is through that medium J. Cole was one of the latest and most important voices in music during the last few years. There was a particular way he was using his fame that is uniquely special. Cole first demonstrated this with “Be Free,” a recording comprised of his scratchy, rough singing voice. This recording let everyone hear his displeasure with present injustices happening in America. J. Cole was first known as Jay-Z 's protégé, but he has appeared from the ashes to become a Billboard chart topper. His full name is Jermaine Lamarr…

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