Madness In Frankenstein Essay

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Through the madness of the Frankenstein, the author Mary Shelley introduces the reader to one of the main characters Victor Frankenstein who created a monster whom was not truly a monster till he became mad for love and started killing his creator's loved ones, thus shows if that the death of Victor's loved ones was not only his monsters fault but his own. This novel also questions the mind of the reader and it their feelings towards the monster and Frankenstein. In which they mind sympathies toward one or another. Maybe the reader might sympathize with the both of them, such as I did. The monster and its creator were both mad and different to others but, it is the reader's choice if that was some positive or negative.
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Also, showing the relation between him and Elizabeth whom he calls his cousin. Though Elizabeth is not by blood, related to the Frankenstein family she was adopted so that one day she and Victor will unite as one and marry. The absurd thoughts of how victor was to create life with science are what led Henry his dear friend to follow victors scientific career scientific career to prove many wrongs. When the theory was proven to be a success it was not as anticipated for when the lightning struck the monster it has given life but, though described a horrendous and frightful. The creator of the beast, Victor, abandoned his creation in fear but, as time goes on his creation will find him and cause him such misery that he wishes nothing but death for himself and his monster. The author, give various of themes throughout the novel such as ‘everything has a story’. This can be understood when Frankenstein's monster tells him to listen to his story from the beginning of his birth until that moment. ‘Everything deserves love or they will go mad’ is another theme represented in this story because Victor after listening to his monsters story did not believe that it deserved nor needed love for he is a monster and has gone bad. Though he did not question why his monster went mad, even when he went mad himself for the sake of

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