The Death Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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Terri Schiavo collapsed in her St. Petersburg home in full cardiac arrest on February 25, 1990. She suffered massive brain damage due to lack of oxygen and after two and a half months in a coma her diagnosis was elevated to a vegetative state. Between her parents and husband there was a legal battle on whether the equipment that had been used to sustain her life, specifically a feeding tube, should be disconnected allowing her to die (Funk & Wagnalls, 2002). Both her family and doctors had a say in Terri’s life, but did she? The doctors and her husband thought that Terri was in her final stages of life and just wanted to end things sooner. This diagnosis unfairly targeted Terri, who was unable to stand up for herself and state her wishes about her demise. This case is only one of many that portray the dark side of doctor-assisted suicide, also known as euthanasia, and the complex social and political questions surrounding the topic. Euthanasia diminishes the value of life by unfairly targeting the sick and creates incentives for insurance companies to terminate lives in order to save money.
Value of life

Life is the most sacred gift that is given to each one of us and the legalization of euthanasia to more states and allowing doctors to take someone’s life diminishes the value of life. In society, doctors already have so much power over our lives, that by utilizing euthanasia it takes away the quality of life and questions the sanctity of life. Although not exceedingly…

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