Essay on The Death Of Death - Original Writing

858 Words Mar 6th, 2015 4 Pages
His smile was indisputable, content, and thankful. It was already dark and he wasn’t even worried about it. He found himself just setting out with his courage. What was it he was so worried about? Yes; almost undoubtedly, he should declare, he’s afraid of death, but when has that not intruded on his life? What else could this country possibly do to him? Were all his worries laid to rest? Or course not, they would always still manage to bother him and make him feel sore, but every day after today, Luca would feel the sun and gentle wind, share his happiness in the freedom and breathing space, the fresh, clean fragrance of the air. The affectionate warm days steady, not shattered, and he would spend long afternoons out in the park, enjoying life and talking. As he fought to put into expressions the hoard of feelings that had hampered his heart during the past fifty or so years, he gained more self-belief, and won his way back to logical, expressive restfulness, peace, communication. Every feared utterance would overcome that hurdle, and the words with more flair, audacity he hoped each day. This had done him good, to find awareness in life again, to be able to share it. He thought he had lost himself, that he was the morbid ogre of death surrounded by life; monstrous. Except now he was marveling, questioning if he ever really knew his true self. Whatever’s happened to him has blocked some entrances—that’s bare enough to notice—but it’s released some too, in some way; windows…

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