The Death Of Beauty By Louise Bogan Essay

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Tiffany Wu
Intro to Literature II
Mr. Lally
June 1st, 2015

The Death of Beauty
The frightening stillness as everything goes on without you.

By entwining the tragic myth of Medusa into her work, Louise Bogan creates a sense of loneliness and abandonment that the narrator feels in her poem titled “Medusa.” Through the title of the poem, Medusa, there is the feeling of dread and foreboding. The story of Medusa is very well known as it is about a woman who insulted a goddess and for her punishment the goddess turned Medusa from a very beautiful woman to a hideous looking monster with snakes for her hair and a curse of which whoever looks into her eyes turn to stone. There are many different versions of the story but it all ends with people turning into stone whenever they look into the eyes of Medusa. From this story of the name, Medusa, the poem already creates a sense of foreboding and loneliness. Because of the curse upon her, Medusa lives her life in isolation and loneliness. From this, the poem begins with the opening lines, “I had come to the house, in a cave of trees.” From this opening line, it literally means that the narrator’s home is located deep in the woods or forest away from civilization. There is already the sense of isolation by the word choice “in a cave of trees.” When someone thinks of a cave, they think of someplace dark and scary; a place that no one would ever enter by themselves. However, as the poem continues with the line, “Facing a sheer sky,”…

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