The Death Of A Hired Man By Robert Frost Essay

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This passage in “The Death of a Hired Man” by Robert Frost represents the theme and purpose for the entire poem. Warren and Mary are an ordinary, rural couple who find themselves in a bit of an altercation with each other when a former employee shows up in their lives for the last time. At the beginning of the poem Mary discovers Silas, one of their former farm workers, in desperation lying against their barn. She sees that Silas is dying and is in desperate need of a place to go. Mary immediately pleads with her husband, Warren, to allow Silas to stay with them, but he insists that he will not take him in again. In years past, Silas had been extremely unreliable to Warren and would leave just when he needed him most, so after many times of taking in Silas, Warren decides that he is someone else’s problem. It is clear that both Warren and Mary have been characterized very specifically at the very beginning of the poem. Warren has been characterized as the rational, reasonable figure, while Mary has been characterized as the tender, mother-like figure. Because the poem is in blank verse, it is very easy for the reader to understand what is going on in the poem. Though the plot is simple to understand, Frost intended for the reader to look deeper into the context to find important themes.
Like most of the stanzas in this poem, this passage includes a dialect between Warren and Mary. A major theme of emotion versus rationalization lies within this dialect. In these lines,…

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