Essay about The Death Of A Great Gatsby

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Thirteen year old Jeffrey Wielandt, known to most as Zakk, sighed as he stared out the back car window, watching his hometown rush by as his house began to appear smaller and smaller. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the floor, probably looking like a stereotypical sullen teenager, but at this point, he didn 't really care.
His parents were taking him along for a family vacation, which normally wouldn 't be a problem. There were many places Zakk dreamed of travelling to - the mountains, the valleys, famous landmarks...anywhere would be a great change of scenery from his average little house in the city.
But where, of all places, did his parents choose to drag him to against his will?
Yes, the place where it could get so hot that people 's shoes would melt against the roads, and where it would flood uncontrollably if it wasn 't blistering for once. Great idea.
Of course, when he 'd complained, his parents had insisted that he would enjoy it, that he would find something that he liked there. Try as he might, he couldn 't get them to change their minds and go somewhere that made sense, like a national park or a big city near an amusement park; no, he was stuck with going to Arlington, Texas.
To make matters worse, he was unable to bring his amp, so, in turn, he couldn 't bring his electric guitar. He had to settle on bringing one of his acoustics, which would still work, but it wasn 't the same. He couldn 't play any of the metal songs he liked…

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