The Death Of A Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is one of the hardest parts of this career field. There is never an easy way to go about starting the dialog or helping owners through the decision making process. It is important to keep a sympathetic yet professional grace about us when we are helping our clients through the difficulties and sadness that comes from losing their beloved pet. Not all euthanasia’s are the same, and this is true for the manner in which the owners might react or process their grief. Our ability to anticipate and answer owner questions, prepare the patient, and an appropriate level of formality, can make a difference in either the owner feeling that they made the correct decision, or being scared and questioning if they should have waited or not done it at all. The stages of grief may still be experienced but the owner should not continue to second guess their choice because of a poor experience in the office due to the actions of the staff. The sadness felt during a euthanasia is commonly shared by staff members that are assisting with the procedure. While we may not be losing our own pet, we often have built a relationship with the patients after years of appointments and boarding visits while the owner is out of town. I have been told that it is not fair to the client for us to show our grief and sadness while in the room with the patient. We can share if the owner initiates a discussion where it is appropriate but otherwise we should minimize our outward grief until we have left…

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