Essay on The Day Of The World

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Race is a something that doesn’t exist in my eyes.I see look at people the same way I look at computers, we’re made of the same basic components and do basically the same thing at the end of the day. Some computers might just be everyday computer used for basic needs while others are hardcore computers used for gaming but at the end of the day they are still just computers. It was around the time I joined the track team that I noticed how stereotypical I was. I thought that the best sprinter would be black and the best longest distance would be white etc. It was nothing like that. It was the complete the opposite. That when it dawn on me that race and the stereotypes that follow behind them are bullshit at times. On the team, it was either you had talent or you were there to get some talent. I joined a network that worked toward a common goal despite our differences. Honestly, racism didn’t seat right with me the minute I learned what it was and the horrors it caused throughout history. It 's was like trying to download a Apple operating system and trying to run it in on a regular Windows computer. It just didn 't workout. The concept of race made no sense and was barbaric practice used to “civilize the savages” of another country. But who were the real savages back then? Those who invade another and pushed their ideals on to others or those who lived lives peacefully and prospered in their own way? Either way I was baffled at how many years this practice was being…

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