The Day Of The Village Essays

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There once was a village of the name Rupal. Rupal was located in the outskirts of New Delhi, India. It had a calm environment, where everyone was treated with respect. The village was populated by a majority of Hindus. People with other ethnicities had never lived in the village, and didn 't dare want to. It was strange for the village folk to see a person from a different ethnicity, with their own stereotypes and believes about various religions being contradictory to the Hindu religion.
“Salim, open the door! Salim!” Davinder shouted as he knocked on the door. Salim opened the door. He was wearing a dark brown gown, with a dark green “Kufi”, a small, visor-less hat.
“Good morning Dev. What is the issue?
“Nothing is wrong my friend. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I wouldn 't know where we would be without you.”
Salim was a grown man in his thirties. He, his wife and his 6 year old son had recently moved into the village about a month ago. They had been forced out of their previous village for being Muslims and were aiming to get a fresh start away from the previous trauma they had suffered.
Salim was a helpful and civilized man. He was always there when someone required assistance and would never say no. Even though it had been only 1 month since Salim and his family moved into the village, he had created a special bond with the sarpanch of the village. The sarpanch was the spokesman of the village and was in control of what should be done amongst…

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