Hermanson Dairy: The History Of The Hermanson Brothers

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Do you want fresh milk delivered to your house every day? This is what the Hermanson Brothers did every day for most of their lives. Johnie and Herman Hermanson were two men who were offered to start a business in the dairy industry with one herd of cows. Johnie and Herman were the two men who took that offer and made it their life's work. Therefore, the men worked very hard in the beginning to get their business moving. They initially borrowed some money to buy one wagon. Later, they would realize they needed two wagons for delivery to keep up with the people. According to the book The History of the Hermanson Dairy, “They would later go on to trucks to get things moving faster”. Eventually, the men would either go to the north or south …show more content…
A couple of the strongest advertising runs they did were for current events. When the great depression came the men used advertising to make their milk look like the highest quality for the cheapest price. They used many posters in the downtown area to show that their milk was the cheapest. They would charge as little as possible and give more milk. Also, they started to give newborn babies milk vouchers at birth so that you could get discounts on Hermanson Brothers milk. After the great depression, the men did many things to help the community but still be advertised. According to Melvin Hermanson one of the sons of Johnie “They had two baseball teams and would always try to have one every year” they also had many boy scout and girl scouts tour their barns and facility. At that point, they started to make special edition Aluminum cups that were many different colors and would sell them with the cottage cheese or milk in them. According to the book The History of the Hermanson Dairy, “They made many signs and clocks to put in grocery stores or in the barns and facilities. They started to make milk bottle openers that had the Hermanson name on them. Being the only Dairy in the area with glass milk bottles they would advertise them and also made a return program so if you returned them you would get a discount. The Brothers used a healthy advertisement …show more content…
They would send out a tank truck that would take milk from the farms and would take it to the dairy. They eventually would start to offer two different types of drinks which were chocolate milk and orange drink were offered and they were a hit. They were selling just as much as the milk and would almost run out by the end of the day. Eventually, the were bought out by the Carnation Dairy and would form the Carnation Hermanson Company. After around 5 years they would be just the Carnation Dairy. The brothers expanded in a short amount of time to keep up with the changing times.
Johnie and Herman were two men who bought a herd of cows and worked with them for the rest of their lives. This essay told you about The dairy’s beginning, the problems that arose, the advertisements that they used, the machinery they updated and the dairy's expansion. The Hermanson dairy was a great, community loving

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