The Day Of The New Home Essay examples

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The celebrations were well underway, guests from all backgrounds filling into a the house that was just large enough to be considered a manor. The manor resided in a small neighborhood, where only three more manors stood. It was far enough from the city for that it took nearly the whole day to do any shopping in the city and drive back home. The new homeowners enjoyed the quiet life, far from the city and bustling atmosphere. The sun had just set, leaving the sky in various shades of blue and pink. Over three dozen guests were currently attending the Christmas Eve party set up by the Johnson 's. Friends, family, and co-workers had all been invited to their new home. They wore fancy dresses and suits, a sea of colors invading the manor. From white to black, gold and silver. Some kept up with the festive holiday colors, others choose more neutral colors. “Darling, have you seen Sophie?” Victoria quietly questioned her husband as he talked to his co-workers, a glass of whiskey in their hands while she held a glass of red wine. “She’s probably still upstairs, working on whatever new painting she has found herself distracted by.” David responded, smiling gently at his wife of twenty years. Victoria hummed, her eyes glancing up at the grand staircase she had fell in love when they first viewed the old house. She was still curious as to why the manor, with all it’s rich and elegant decor, could have been bought for so cheap. But her husband had told her not to worry about…

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