The Day Of The Holocaust Essay

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Today Andres and his younger brother, Joshua, went to the Holocaust Museum with their school. They were the only ones with a grandfather who had died in the Holocaust. The museum was very beautiful and posh, all made of black marble, like millionaires’ houses. It was full of sad black-and-white pictures and lists of people, countries, and dead people. Andres walked past the pictures and his teacher said: "Don 't touch!"
But Andres did touch one picture, made of cardboard, showing a thin, pale man who was crying and holding a sandwich in his hand. The tears came down streaming down his cheeks like the divider lines you see on the highway, and his brother said she would tell their teacher if he touched it. He said he didn 't care, he could tell whomever he wanted. "It 's my Grandpa and I 'm touching whatever I want."
After the pictures, they were taken into a big hall and were shown a movie about little children who were shoved into a truck and then suffocated with gas. Then a skinny old man got up on the stage and told them what bastards and murderers the Nazis were and how he took revenge on them, and he even strangled a soldier with his bare hands till he died. Joshua, who was sitting next to Andres, said the old man was lying
“The way he looks, there 's no way he can make any soldier bite the dust.”
But Andres looked the old man in the eye and believed him.
Finally when he finished telling them what he had done during the holocaust the old man said that what they had…

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