The Day Of The Dead By Stephen Woodman Analysis

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In the article “The Day of the Dead: How Death Became a National symbol” Stephen T. Woodman discusses death within Mexico and how it became an important symbol in Mexican culture. Woodman discusses the four main reasons as to why death is such and important symbol in the Mexican culture. The first of four reasons Woodman shares is based on religious beliefs of pre-Conquest Mexico. This is when the Aztecs made human sacrifices for the Gods in order for the earth to be born and to maintain the life of the sun. Woodman’s second reason for the symbolic importance of death is the attitudes the Spanish mirrored from the Aztecs. Representations of Christ’s suffering fascinated many people reminding them all that death will find them regardless of …show more content…
The strength within his writing is the historical evidence he includes while his weakness comes from the lack of enough information over the authors he quoted. Woodman builds his argument through sharing the four most important reasons death is viewed so highly within Mexico and gains his material by quoting well know authors, producers and illustrators. Throughout his article he addresses five authors that have written essays and books over the topic of Mexico and death within that culture. Two producers that have created animated films and death festivals and one illustrator that created a skeleton dressed up as a bourgeois lady. Woodman refers to these people to give a wide variety of information that he has gathered. His purpose of referring to so many different people gives his reasoning more evidence. For example, a quote within the article is taken from the late written Carlos Fuentes that said “where heroes are heroes because they were sacrificed. In Mexico the only saving fate is sacrifice”. Which can be compared and contrasted to the quote “the Mexican chases after death, mocks it, courts it, hugs it, and sleeps with it. He thinks of it as his favorite plaything and his most lasting love” stated by poet Octavio Paz, which is included within Woodman’s article showing the different statements used that support his argument. However, Woodman never included much information over the authors apart from their name and what they wrote. This could have been relevant and helpful because the audience would then know more about where his information is truly coming

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