The Aztecs David Carasco Summary

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In the book “The Aztecs” by David Carrasco it tells a true story of happened during the Aztec peoples life, from over two thousand years ago. They of course lived a very different live from us today and fought for many different things. It goes on to tell us things about trade, military conquests, human origins and human sacrifices. In the book “The Roman Empire” by Christopher Kelly tells the story of what unfolded during the time of the Roman Empire. It mainly goes on to tell the readers about the big things that happened during the Roman Empire time period.
One of the largest city at this time was Tenochtitlan. The Spanish became very interested in this city and eventually overruled it.The Spaniards at first made it seem to others that they
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Carrasco wrote, “After a period of poverty and servitude, the Aztecs struggled, farmed, fought, and negotiated themselves into a position of regional dominance” (Carrasco pg. 17). While it took some time for them to switch from a place that nobody went, it slowly became one of the largest cities of this time. Their ability to create a strong military, which was a big help during there many accomplishments. Another reason the Aztecs were able to grow so vastly was due to conquest and trade. The Aztecs were able to do something many others failed at, which was to produce agriculture needs. They did it very well, according to Carrasco, “The Aztec economy became so productive that it was able to support a population level that...was not reached again until the end of the nineteenth century” (Carrasco pg. …show more content…
Some try to say that this did not happen but Carrasco says there is proof that it did happen. Carrasco provides, “The reliable documentary evidence found in the writings of Bernardino de Sahagun based on extensive interviews with Aztec elders in the decades after the fall of Tenochtitlan neveress tells us that sacrifices took place every month at various temples and altars…” (Carrasco pg. 63). As described through this book, the Aztec empire was very strong, which made the fall of the Aztec empire more surprising. What really made the Aztec empire fall was when the more experienced warriors of Cortes went against the Aztec warriors, which were a lot more inexperienced. The Aztecs are still a large topic in Mexico City, where they feel pride of the Aztecs. Some even still speak their language. The Day of the Dead ceremony is another way the Aztecs thoughts and ways continue to live on even

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