The Day Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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It took another day of travel before they arrive at the next frontier of Hell. Juliet can see buildings erupting from the slick oil spill of an ocean, and smog hanging low over the daunting infernal mess. The sky is a soupy grey, smoke billowing over the city’s spires as shrill screams echo within their crumbling walls. It’s kind of horrifying to look at, but Juliet can feel that Romeo is here, so she dredges up all her courage and carries on toward it.

After the rough day she’d had, Juliet was no longer the picture of beauty she’d been on her deathbed. Her hair was limp and plastered to her forehead with sweat, a halo of frizz looped around her crown, her clothes were tattered and caked with mud, and her eyes drooped with exhaustion. She didn’t have much time to care about her appearance, though it did make her feel a bit self conscious. Romeo wouldn’t care how she looked though, would he? Juliet hoped not. She had a feeling he would simply be glad to see her, and silly things like the state of her face wouldn’t matter. If Romeo had been willing to die for her, then their love must transcend the physical. Still, she couldn’t shake the nervous knot in her stomach. Romeo’s opinion mattered more to her than anyone else’s.
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Agonized moans would sound from down dark alleyways and inside the shelter of buildings, and Juliet would flinch each time they hit her ears. This place put her more on edge than any other area of Hell she’d encountered thus far. She wouldn’t have dared to come even close to it if she hadn’t been in search of Romeo. It was hard to imagine Romeo in a place like this, and the thought of what he could possibly be going through right now made Juliet’s throat feel tight. She had to find him. The longer she spent dallying around, the longer Romeo would have to go through whatever torture was being inflicted on

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