Essay on The Day For The State Games

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One last out, runners only 60 feet away from crushing dreams. A place that is usually filled cheering fans, coaches calling plays, and girls calling the ball is now completely silent. Everyone wondering who was going to home the title and the chance to move on to the state games. As the pitcher got ready to pitch the ball you could hear everyone’s heart start to beat like a drum. As she pushed off the mound and threw the ball we all held our breaths in hopes of the win. The batter hit the ball and we made the final out to take our team onto the state games for the first time in school history. Everyone on the team was so excited to have the chance to represent our school. Nothing in the world could bring us down from this perfect moment, until it happened.
In her junior year playing softball Liz Karsedt the centerfielder had the chance of a life time to represent her school for the state title games. Liz was a small girl from Eden that grew up in a baseball loving family. All six kids and parents all played either baseball or softball competitively, but she was the first in her family to get the chance to play in the state games. All the years she has put in learning, training, and playing finally got her to her goal of playing in the state games. Liz was an outstanding player anything that was hit to her was caught with no problems or hesitations.

She was the leadoff hitter and could run like the speed of lightning. Liz was a very important piece to the team success…

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