The Day Ball Was A Great Party Essay

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According to Eli, the May Day ball was always held the first Saturday of May. Eli had coaxed and begged until he convinced her to go along with him to both events.
“The Andrew’s always throw a great party, Cousin. It will be better than mulling around here hour after hour, worrying over Thomas. Please come along, Allie,” he begged. “It’ll be fun! In addition, if you’re still here come May, you can escort me to the ball- just like a real date. And just think of all the young men in uniform- they’ll be so handsome!”
“Are you forgetting that I am a married woman- I don’t care for handsome young men, in uniforms or out.”
Eli chuckled and said, “Well, I do, dear Cousin. And, I must admit, I do admire those wearing uniforms- not just because they look good in them, but because they’re standing up for something they believe in.”
“Well, I hate war, and I hate not knowing what Thomas is doing or where he is- and, I haven’t anything to wear to a party or a ball; I think I’ll just stay here with Grandmother and Granddaddy.”
“Good luck with that, Cousin; they always go to the Colonel’s party and the May Day ball. If you choose not to come, you’ll be the only one home.”
“Oh, my goodness, I can’t win for losing with you, can I? What on earth will I wear to such prestigious events? You forget that my closet is basically bare.”
“Don’t worry, Allie Mae. Charleston is not yet in the hands of the Yankees- I’m sure we can rustle something up.”
Allie immediately thought of the old seamstress,…

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