Summary Of My Brother Sam Is Dead

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In the American Revolutionary War, about 4,435 people were killed. The American Revolutionary War was a terrible war that caused thousands of unnecessary deaths. The war was started because the king of England decided he would tax the people in the colonies, even though they no longer considered themselves English. They were Americans. The Patriots were unhappy about this, so they rebelled and that is how the war started. The Patriots were fighting for the freedom of the colonies and the British were fighting for control of the colonies. In the book, My Brother Sam is Dead, the authors showed both sides of the war, but they ultimately agreed that the war was horrendous. One way the authors argued against the war is showing how gruesome it was. In the book, it shows Tim saying “I didn’t feel much about being a Tory anymore” (Collier and Collier 145). The authors wrote this because Tim saw some innocent slaves …show more content…
In the war, thousands of people lost a loved one. After Mr. Meeker is dead and Sam will be executed, Mrs. Meeker says “I have a terrible foreboding, Timothy” (Collier and Collier 184). It is like Mrs. Meeker knows something terrible is coming. Mrs. Meeker also says “Men must fight and women must weep, but you’ll get no more tears from me. I’ve done my weeping for this war” (Collier and Collier 202). It shows how she has gotten used to crying for the people lost in the war and she is done crying for the people that have died. The authors show that the war splits families apart. The authors show both sides of the war in My Brother Sam is Dead, but they ultimately agree that the war was horrendous. In the American Revolutionary War, thousands of men were killed. This war was a huge win for Americans because they were now a free and independant. The colonists no longer had to pay taxes to the king. Even though the American Revolutionary War was horrendous, it greatly benefited

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